Back Country Builders and Our Trusted Experience in Residential Contracting

The Trusted Experience and Evolution of Back Country Builders

Back Country Builders - Keith Hambrick

Customers are always interested in knowing that Back Country Builders has been in business since 1999, and that owner, L. Keith Hambrick, has over 25 years of experience as a residential building contractor. He and his wife run Back Country Builders as a local, family owned business; but what did it take to get where Back Country Builders is today? It all started with very humble beginnings!

From Humble Beginnings, the Value of Teamwork

Lewis Hambrick knows the definition of hard work. His own work life began at the age of 13, working with his father’s contracting company. From an early age, young Lewis saw all that went into the contracting business, and what it took to build and fix a variety of residential projects. He learned the importance of customer service, of planning out project goals, and the teamwork involved in getting it all done.

Lewis took up welding and did that for five years, getting to know the tensile strengths of various metals and how to do the kind of work that stands the test of time. When the welding company moved away, Lewis basically walked into his next growing company, installing mobile and modular homes. He did this for three years, for a local modular home builder.

The New Home Market to Custom Construction

Always working with beautiful, new homes and seeing the process from the ground up led to Lewis Hambrick’s involvement in custom building projects. These custom residential construction projects, which were often larger and more exacting in their features than assembling the prefabricated, modular structures, became the company’s niche. With custom work, Lewis brings together various tradesmen and craftspersons to achieve the exclusive design looks each client prefers.

Why Choose Back Country Builders for Your Project?

Back Country Builders is a full-service, residential builder and does everything from the ground up. Today, when our trucks and work vans pull into a job site, Lewis and his team also bring their years of experience with them. It is this evolution of skills and customer service that sets Back Country Builders apart from the rest.

Get the expert residential building results you expect, by contacting Back Country Builders today!