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Consider These Reasons Why It May Be Time for a New Deck/Porch

As the premier deck contractor, we hear from many homeowners in and around Roanoke over the years who tell us why they want a new deck or porch installed. They want to add the latest outdoor features to their homes, and replace existing wooden decks or porches with maintenance-free materials. Older homes may have a small, serviceable porch, while the homeowner desires something much larger. Outdoor living today is made much more enjoyable when you know the deck or porch of your home can serve multiple functions, for family members and guests alike.

Choose the Best Deck Contractor & Porch Builder

The experts at Back Country Builders are builders first and foremost. Our team knows design and what goes into constructing a quality deck or porch structure that will last. Our builders work with wood, treated wood, and wood composites. Our focus is customer satisfaction with every job we do. We invite you to take a few minutes to request a free quote conveniently online.

What Features Can Be Included in a New Deck or Porch?

Installing a new deck or porch can be a simple addition or a multi-tiered elaborate setting. Features to be included all depend on what each homeowner has in mind. Decking may consist of a variety of products, and can be used as a walkway to enjoy garden areas without disturbing the landscape. It may also be used to define a number of outdoor entertaining options, such as around the pool, an area with seating around a barbecue or fire pit, or a simple porch with a chair or hammock to escape for some quiet time any day of the week.

A New Deck/Porch is the Best Choice for Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor spaces, such as a deck or porch, have evolved into the best choice for outdoor entertaining. Likewise, Back Country Builders is the local, regional deck contractor homeowners call. Casual times with friends and family can be enjoyed with a lot of fresh air and easy cleanup afterward. Whether it is a daytime pool party or an evening fire, a new deck or porch may be the best choice for your home. Depending on location, decks and porches may be covered with an awning, pergola, or a more integrated roof to add greater outdoor enjoyment.

Improve Your Home for Years to Come with A New Deck/Porch

With newer materials, homeowners can enjoy virtually maintenance-free time outdoors compared to having to scrape, sand, and paint traditional wood decking. Our experts will review the best options for your new deck or porch, and describe all that goes into construction process. Depending on the landscaping around your home, a number of features may beautify and improve your home for years to come.

Is There a Best Time to Install a New Deck or Porch?

Homeowners know that there is an optimum building and construction season, so most decks and porches must be scheduled for installation during that time. Planning and material purchases can be arranged in the off-season so construction may begin promptly. However, if you are in need of repairs or have an urgent issue regarding a deck or porch installation any time of the year, please call the experienced deck contractor Back Country Builders first. We are your local builder and have your home’s quality and safety foremost in mind.