Call The Expert For Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Remediation

Why Turn to Us for Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Repairs?

Why turn to Back Country Builders when your home has fire and smoke damage? Our crews are expert builders and contractors. We know how to remedy properties damaged the most by fire and smoke. Whether you have had an electrical fire that sent sparks up an interior wall, or more extensive damage to your roof, walls, and more, give us a call. We have materials and the repair and renovation know-how to make your home like new again. Call Back Country Builders, experts at fire damage repair and smoke remediation.

Expert Contractor for Smoke Damage Remediation & More

Back Country Builders is an expert contractor, known throughout the region for a variety of construction projects. What we do is building from the ground up, and we do home improvements. Our expert team of workers is the best for doing smoke damage remediation and more. Expect outstanding repairs to areas of your home that have been damaged by fire and smoke.

When You Have Survived a Fire, We Help Restore Your Home

Families who have survived a fire, or who live close to neighbors who have experienced a fire, know the devastation it can bring. Fire, smoke, and other damages can mean headaches dealing with insurance companies. If you, a relative, or a neighbor in the area is in this situation, contact Back Country Builders for help. We can help restore your home when you have survived a fire and are dealing with fire damage restoration and smoke damage repairs.

Fire & Smoke Remediation in the Roanoke Regional Area

Back Country Builders contractors do fire damage restoration and smoke damage remediation in the Roanoke Regional area. This includes the New River Valley area also, in towns like Salem, Troutville, Cloverdale, Blue Ridge, and Blacksburg vicinities. Our crews are on call to assist when you have fire and smoke damage. We can help secure your property, and make the necessary repairs for clients in our regional area.

How We Refurbish Your Home after Fire & Smoke Damage

Homeowners know to call on Back Country Builders to refurbish their home after fire damage. Smoke from a fire permeates the walls and furnishings and can become unbearable. Our crews assess the damages from fire and smoke, and can offer the best repairs to refurbish your home. Whether you need interior or exterior work, trust our team to help with repairs and restore your home.

When is the Best Time to Repair After a Fire?

Often, repairs after a fire may depend on the extent of the damages. After the fire company leaves and you check with your insurance, give us a call or use our convenient online form to request a quote. Back Country Builders assists homeowners who have just experienced a fire to make the necessary repairs for fire damage restoration so they can get back to enjoying their home again.