Enjoy a New Sunroom and Patio in the New River Valley

Why Choose to Add a Sunroom and Patio to Your Home?

Clients of Back Country Builders throughout the New River Valley choose to add sunrooms and patios for a variety of reasons. Many have an existing patio area that they enclose into a three- or four-season sunroom. Extending the patio space with the addition of a sunroom may include additional design elements to take advantage of landscaping or other outdoor features. Families use the extra space for added enjoyment throughout the year and you can rely on the quality building done by Back Country Builders.

What is the Best Sunroom or Patio for Us?

There are a variety of design options when it comes to sunrooms, so planning is best done well ahead of the building and installation. If you need cement work done for the patio itself, we help to layout the size and depth for a proper and sturdy build. Many sunroom components today come in kits from the manufacturer, so working with the experts at Back Country Builders will help you achieve the best result for your project and your budget. We can provide a free quote to you with online convenience.

We Are the Best Choice for Sunrooms and Patios

Back Country Builders is the best choice in the region for your new sunroom and patio because we are a local builder who cares. Our employees all live and work in the area, know the local building codes and how to best manage materials for each job. We listen to our clients, and put your expectations as our priority. We help you design and build a patio and/or sunroom that are just what you expect.

Installing Patios and Sunrooms in the New River Valley

Clients in the New River Valley area who would like to install a patio or sunroom can call Back Country Builders. We work with customers throughout the Roanoke Valley and New River Valley regional area. Our expert builders can get your new patio poured, and build the sunroom that will take full advantage of your location.

A New Patio/Sunroom Can Improve Your Home in Great Ways

How can new patios or sunrooms improve your home? Consider the many ways we use outdoor space today. Your home may already have an outdoor feature, or perhaps you use a dedicated space for entertaining. Your family and friends may naturally gather in an area that deserves to be a dedicated space you can enjoy with greater consistency. A patio provides a sturdy place for picnics, parties, hobbies, or any outdoor activity. A sunroom can enclose a patio, beautifying and giving it structure and greater use in spite of the elements.

When is the Best Time to Install a New Sunroom or Patio?

The expert builders at Back Country will work with each of our clients to determine the optimum time for installing new sunrooms or patios. Each job is custom and designed to meet the needs of the homeowner. We encourage you to contact us early to get started on the planning and design aspects, and to make sure your materials are all ordered and shipped to your location in time for construction to get underway.